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PRODUCTION-  Ranger and its affiliates can provide the full array of producing equipment including treaters, separators, tankage, and measurement.  We've located the equipment so that you don't have to hunt for it.

PROCESSING-  Ranger maintains an inventory of Randall designed, skid mounted, turbo expander, gas processing plants totaling over 100MCF/D of capacity capable of taking a deep ethane cut.  Multiple units of varying sizes provide options to suit your production profile.  We also have over 50,000 BPD capacity of crude refining equipment that can be configured for your light sweet crude or condensate conditioning.

CUSTOM FABRICATION-  an affiliated company, Jenco Industrial Sales and Services operates a fully capable, ASME certified fabrication shop.  Custom fabrication of code vessels, piping and controls and skid assemblies can be done  to your specifications. 

STORAGE AND DISTRIBUTION-  an affiliated company, Gas Storage Advisors, has an experienced team providing consulting services on all aspects of the marketing, distribution, storage, and related matters for natural gas, natural gas liquids, and refined products.  We can assist in assessment of alternatives, due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, facility inspections, and feasibility studies.   see  www.storegas.com  


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